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Simchair MKIV modules list

Here are all of Simchair MKIV modules, some of them are yet to be ported from the MKIII version. Please consult the MKIII and MKIV manuals on the site, and feel free to port existing / add new documentation to the wiki.

Modules with MKIII in their name are yet to be ported/upgraded to the MKIV version. 
MKIII pedals can be used with MKIV software without any issues.

Build Guides

Please download complete repositories (links in the bottom of the page) 
with models and software to avoid problems! Each of the guides below contains 
(should contain) the path to files in a corresponding repository.

Please use Simchair Hardware Configurator for a detailed description of available hardware configurations and STL files (work in progress)

Simulator rigs (frames/mounts)




Please remember: Not to use the old MKIII modules, for new builds if an MKIV alternative is available!
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