Cessna 182 style engine & prop controls


These are Cessna 182 style engine and prop controls. Good for flying any single engine piston powered plane though. This thing is easy enough to make: Just print everything, add three slider pots, wire them to an Arduino Pro mini analog inputs, connect the board’s VCC, GND, SCL and SDA pins to an RJ45 socket, flash the board, and fly. As this is unlikely to be used for RC flying, and due to knobs placement in a real 182, this is intended to be mounted on the desk.


6 x M3x25mm screws and 2 M3 nuts
3 x SL-4515G slider potentiometers or similar ones
red, blue and black nail polish (optional)
1 x 8p8c socket
1 x regular Ethernet cable (if used with simchair MKIII controller)
super glue (a drop put under a potentiometer will fix it in place)
1 x Arduino Pro mini
1 x Simchair MKIII I2C controller









It is pretty much a box for slider potentiometers. Solder wires to the pots, straighten metal pieces that hold the PCB in the middle (they will prevent potentiometer from moving sideways), add a drop of super glue (remember that you may want to replace a pot, do not use too much glue!), put knobs onto pot sliders and place them onto their pedestals. Connect pots and the RJ-45 socket to an Arduino and put the cover on. That’s it!






Connect an Arduino Pro Mini as follows:

PIN10 to pots +5v
GND to pots GND
A0 to throttle pot slider pin
A1 to prop pot slider pin
A2 to mixture pot slider pin
RAW to RJ45 socket pin 1 (orange-white wire on the plug)
GND to socket pin 2 (orange-white wire on the plug)
SCL to socket pin 3 (green-white pin on the plug)
SDA to socket pin 4 (blue wire on the plug)