Collective pneumatic mod


Pneumatic actuator mod












This mod makes collective levers perfect. Consider trying it!


1 * MAL16-150 pneumatic actuator
1 * 20×10mm aluminum rectangular pipe
4 * 4x50mm screws and nuts
4 * M8x75 bolts
2 * M8x45 bolts
a pack of M8 washers, spring washers, and nuts
4 * M8x105 bolts
2 * m8x55 bolt
2* M5*12 screws
1 * M6x30 bolt
2* M6 nuts
4 x 608 bearings (standard skateboard bearings)


Assembly is pretty straightforward. You will need around 360mm piece of alu pipe for a vertical frame that holds the cylinder, and a 300 to 350mm one for a counterweight frame. Replace the rear lid of the lever with a modified one, attach it to a chair mount and fix with part2 of the bottom lid, then attach vertical frame with a cap press-fitted on it, cover with the bottom lid part 3, and secure everything with nuts. Put the lower cylinder connector onto the cylinder and secure with an M6x30 bolt and a nut.

Now, we have to put cylinder hinges together! This is the most important part for smooth operation. You will need 2* M8x55mm bolts. Take a bolt, put 2 washers on it, then a bearing. Add a nut, tighten it. Screw the bolt halfway into the lower cylinder connector part. Add 5 washers, then another bearing, then a nut. Screw the bolt up to its end and tighten the nut. No backlash should be present! Add a few drops of oil between plastic parts of the hinge.

Put a detent ring onto a big nut on top of the cylinder housing, then put an M6 nut into an upper hinge part and screw it onto the cylinder rod. Put 2* M5 screws into the threaded holes in the cylinder an turn them in for a couple of turns.

Assemble the counterweight holder. Insert strengthening screws into it and secure them with nuts. Press-fit M4 nuts into their sockets on the bottom of the holder. Press fit a counterweight rail with a cap on it into the holder. Attach the holder assembly to the collective lever and secure with screws.

Attach the upper hinge of the cylinder to the counterweight holder, following the assembling order of a lower hinge.

Put the bottom cylinder hinge onto its vertical rail and secure with nuts.

Adjust the lever detent nut, so an upper hinge will rest on the plastic ring of the detent when the lever is lowered.

Attach the counterweight and adjust its position and weight. Start with a weight around 300g and try to move it as close to the lever as possible (aesthetic reasons). Then add or remove some weight until it will barely hold the lever in place (less weight = smoother movement downwards).  Adjust to your liking =)