Compact collective head


This head is perfect for use with motion platforms, as it can be used without counterweight, or even without the pneumatic mod (although I highly recommend the latter!). Also great as a generic gaming device – its shape allows using it as a throttle lever in single-engine airplanes when mounted to the GUNDE chair onto the Malinda mount at 30 degrees.


4 x MTS-123 or MTS-103 switches
2 x PBS-10B2 buttons
1 x KY-023 ministick board
4 x M3x25mm screws and nuts
1 x Arduino Pro Mini


STL’s / Sources

Assembling manual

1. Assemble the lever as described in the single collective manual, up to the point of installing part 2 of the throttle frame. Install the compact head instead of it:

2. Solder an ISP header to the Pro Mini board. Solder I2C cable to the board as usual. Remove LED from pin 13.

3. Put 4 M3x10mm screws into the KY-023 board. Use nyloc nuts as legs for the board. Solder a 5-wire ribbon cable.

4. Solder KY-023 board to Pro Mini like this:

GND -> GND next to pin 2
5v -> PIN2
SW -> PIN3
VRx -> A0
VRy -> A1

5. Install switches and buttons into the lid as shown on the picture below. Use hot glue to fix them in place.

6. Solder the ground wire to switches and buttons on the lid. Connect it to the GND pin of the KY board.

7. Solder 2 5-wire cables to switches as shown on picture below:

8. Solder 5-wire cables to Pro Mini as shown on the picture below:

9. Flash the board with its firmware through ISP header. Uncomment


and open the serial console, then check all switches and buttons. If everything works, proceed!

10. Put shrink tube onto the Pro Mini board, and insert it into the throttle frame.

Congratulations, your compact lever is finished!

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