Print settings

Here are a few notes about how to get your printed parts stronger.

  • Parts are designed and positioned on the print bed in a way that will make them strong enough if your print settings will be correct and all strengthening bolts will be inserted and tightened =)
  • I use a 0,3mm nozzle, 0,3mm layer height for all parts except magnet holders, 0,1 to 0,2mm there
  • For stronger adhesion and additional structural strength, use higher temperatures and reduce cooling; for higher detail (e.g. orc warrior miniatures) use more cooling and lower temperature.
  • I use regular inexpensive PLA for everything (no need for super-strong-one-of-a-kind dragon-tears-infused-PLA-only-9999$-per-spool here 🙂 )
  • I recommend starting with 205 degrees for a nozzle, 60 for bed (I use hairspray on the bed) and moderate cooling (60% with 2 40mm fans) Note that, depending on how well the thermistor is attached, you may need to use higher temperatures, like 225-230 degrees for PLA. Parts should have glossy finish. It is especially important for pedals!
  • If your parts feel too brittle, increase nozzle temp, reduce cooling
  • Use supports, I recommend 0,4mm distance to the part
  • Do not print stuff in ABS )tolerances will be totally wrong, some parts will be very hard or impossible to print)

That’s it, you shouldn’t have any problems printing Simchair MKIII components with these settings.