What to do if the master controller is bricked?

With VRMax head ported to the current line of the hardware, I’ve found that it’s now easier to exceed the available memory of the Leonardo, effectively bricking the controller.

So, what to do if it happened to you? No worries! You will need:

  • a USBASP programmer dongle
  • a 10 to 6 pin converter for it

    Install the driver for USBASP and connect it to the 6-pin ISP socket on the Leonardo.


Select “Arduino Leonardo” from the boards menu in Arduino IDE and press “Write the bootloader”. After that, re-flash the Simchair firmware, and the controller is back to life again.

Thoughts on sensitivity of controls

I have been testing new hardware more thoroughly and noticed, that different sims have very different controls sensitivity settings (and ways to adjust it).  More than that, some of the sims tend to react on even the slightest jitter from Hall effect sensors and ADC (which is really almost nonexistent), while others ignore it completely.  That means that often, there’s a need for per-sim or even per-aircraft setting.

Simchair MKIII cyclic and pedals are sensitive enough to emulate the control response of lightest and twitchiest helicopters out there. But what if you feel it is too sensitive for the particular helicopter model you want to fly? Or, maybe the sim you are flying in treats joystick sensitivity settings differently, or even doesn’t have proper controls settings at all? What if setting curves is not what you want, but your sim doesn’t have any linear sensitivity adjustment options?

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