MKIV documentation wiki goes live!

I have been asked multiple times to change documentation format to wiki – so other guys who build Simchair could fix errors in manuals, or improve them, or even write their own.

So, here it is! I have already ported the manual for the collective base, fixed some errors along the way. My first impression is – a wiki is a MUCH better place to write docs, rather than WordPress pages. The result seems to look a lot better, formatting options are way richer, I really like how it looks =)

Hopefully, this step will help the project to grow further! If you want write access to the wiki, please contact me, and I will sign you up.

Collective pneumatic mod manual updated

A few good things happened in the last few days.

  • I have added a very detailed step-by-step manual for the collective pneumatic mod. Some minor improvements were made.
  • I’ve been able to test the twin collective with it, works flawlessly
  • MAL-16-100 cylinder has been tested, and it works as good as the MAL-16-150 one, but is shorter (this is the shortest one that will work, MAL-16-50 is incompatible!)
  • some minor tweaks has been made to the software configuration to fit new manuals.
  • the helicopter controls set is now completely documented (and very polished)!

We now have quite a detailed documentation with photos for:

single and twin collective levers;
collective heads (switch panels);
reinforced cyclic gimbal with its stick frame;
B8 stick grip;