Simple collective SE v2 USB available in the donation store

I am happy to offer a pre-built MKIV EVO Simple Collective SE lever #009 for sale.

Lever #009 is no longer available, but another one is in the making.

This lever offers maximized functionality in minimalistic and compact form:

  • 5-way physical hat switch with mode switch support (2 hat switches and 5 buttons)
  • support for 3 separate throttle axes enabled by the throttle mode switch
  • mode switches can act as 4 joystick buttons
  • USB socket on the base – integrated master controller
  • support for MKIV collective base extensions (marked 4-wire i2c cable ribbon inside)
  • completely repairable – the lever is made from widespread components that are easy to find and replace.
  • extremely durable

More photos below.

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