5x5x5 magnet holder for reinforced gimbal added

I have added modified holders for the reinforced gimbal that Guido has asked for. Sadly I can’t test them myself, so please tell me how these mounts worked for ya mate =)

There are 2 versions: the “a” version has the same distance from magnet to the sensor as 6x6x4 one, and in the “b” version, a magnet socket is lifted a little for an extra tolerance (the magnet is 1mm wider so potentially can touch the sensor with its angle when turned, tell me if you encounter this issue).

Upcoming mods for collective levers!

I finally got my MAL16-150 pneumatic actuator from Aliexpress, and here’s what I’ve been able to do with it so far =) This will be a long post, I will try to describe my experience of designing and testing these upgrades so far.


In short, how does it feel in flight? I’d say it’s the best version so far. Moves buttery-smooth, yet boldly holds its position in all of the lever range, a smooth resistance of an actuator is a completely new feeling that adds to your virtual “seat of the pants” sence. More below =)

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Gimbal magnet holder mod for 5x5mm magnets

There seems to be a problem with finding 6x6mm magnets, so here’s the mod for 5x5mm ones!  The problem is, I can’t buy them locally, and they will probably take some time to arrive, so there’s no way I can test the holder. I think it should work fine, as all gimbals now have mechanical calibration. The resulting travel angle of the lever may differ a bit, but that difference shouldn’t be too noticeable. There are two versions: one with 5x5mm socket in an original place, and the other with a slight offset (closer to the sensor) from center. Choose whatever suits best for you!

Download it here.