MKIV master controller v2a is released!

The new controller features 5 I2C sockets for your peripherals, a stronger USB-B socket for durability, and peripheral flashing mode – no need for FTDI232 USB-UART board any more!

Just plug your device into 1st socket of the master, flip the mode switch to “P”, press the reset button (“R”), and flash it! Flip back to “F” to fly or update the master software.

The device is still stackable if you want some insane number of peripherals, the v2b version will be the regular one without flashing capability, meant for use as secondary controllers.

Look for the assembly/operating manual in the wiki!

4 Replies to “MKIV master controller v2a is released!”

  1. Hello, nice work.
    Can you help-me?
    I want to bild a throttler quadrant with 6 analogs imput.
    i`m trying to undertand in the videos, but de image is too small to see.
    I just want to know what i really need to download.

    1. Hello friend! Sorry for the delayed reply.

      It’s possible to build the quadrant with 6 axes, but you will need to tweak the code a bit. At the moment a 2 axis variant is available, you can get its files here:

      Should be fairly easy to add more axes, please look into m_hel_quadrant.ino in the master controller code!

      Here’s the software repo:


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