Collective pneumatic mod manual updated

A few good things happened in the last few days.

  • I have added a very detailed step-by-step manual for the collective pneumatic mod. Some minor improvements were made.
  • I’ve been able to test the twin collective with it, works flawlessly
  • MAL-16-100 cylinder has been tested, and it works as good as the MAL-16-150 one, but is shorter (this is the shortest one that will work, MAL-16-50 is incompatible!)
  • some minor tweaks has been made to the software configuration to fit new manuals.
  • the helicopter controls set is now completely documented (and very polished)!

We now have quite a detailed documentation with photos for:

single and twin collective levers;
collective heads (switch panels);
reinforced cyclic gimbal with its stick frame;
B8 stick grip;


4 Replies to “Collective pneumatic mod manual updated”

  1. Hey there, please double check all of your nut and bolt counts in the guide for this part, it is riddled with errors and missing parts (M8x55 bolts, M4x80, etc)! I managed to scrape together a working pneumatic mod since I’d ordered a lot of extra hardware but the component listings at the top of the guide are definitely way off.

    Might also want to turn on comments for that page! 😉

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, will fix and check it when I will be making the next one =) Comments are enabled, it’s just an anti-spam engine kicking in.

      1. Interesting, for some reason there is no reply option for me at the bottom of that particular guide!

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