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I have been able to calibrate my printer in a perfect way using a micrometer recently, and found that some clearances between certain parts may be too wide. That made me think that maybe we need to adjust models for a perfectly calibrated printer. Right now it seems that everything is tuned for a slight over extrusion.

There are a few problems that worry me:

  1. How to reliably calibrate any printer? – We can use a method of calibration that assumes using a micrometer to measure the wall thickness of a calibration cube model printed in vase mode.
  2. How will tuned extrusion affect durability? What needs to be changed in print settings? – This requires testing.
  3. Is there a problem with an average factory-made printer at all?

So I decided to make a poll, if you’ve built something and used PLA for that, please select one of the options and write a comment about your experience. The comment part is important – because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish real builders from bots.

How do you find clearances between parts?

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