AB412 collective test print photos and thoughts on software


Finished the first test print of the head, and it looks good! Seems like it will be quite interesting from a point of software: with 3-way switches, there will be 17 buttons + 2 hat switches, and if we add a mode switch, it will triple this number. The question is, whether the master controller will be able to poll all this stuff and return values to windows without lags (in windows joysticks have weird limitations of 32 buttons, 1 hat switch and 2 7 axes per piece, so it will have to look as several joysticks to work everywhere). In the worst case scenario, it will be a semi-scale head with 2 hats, 11 buttons, 1 rotary axis and (probably) a mode switch.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! =)

      I am now working on the software for it, the cool thing is it’s very customizable. I have tried it in DCS and came up with 4 different modes for switches. What’s left is probably some past – idle stop throttle movements workaround (not implemented in DCS, have to pull it with mouse or press Page Down), probably some X-plane fixes, if any will be needed, and maybe mode selector to triple a number of buttons. Not sure about the latter yet as it seems to be physically compatible with one switch type only.

  1. That great to hear. Iam very anxious to get the work done on my Baron and print your collective. I think I will start in October.

    1. Nice to hear that! I’ve done some interesting things with the head software today, take a look at the video in the latest post =)

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