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  1. That is awesome do you made also one for the Huey? How do you counter the weight or does this not affecting the collective

    1. Thank you! I will definitely be making one for the Huey (this is my favorite heli), but I have to finish the twin AB412 lever for my friends first. I guess it wouldn’t take too long, as the head is ready and there are only a few minor upgrades to a single engine lever needed to convert it to a twin one. The weight is countered with rubber bands (upgraded lever has a mount for them), they work pretty well, lever movements are very smooth, as smooth as a simple collective which is very lightweight. You can see rubber bands mounted ton the lever on this pic:

      The idea is you counter a weight of the head with rubber bands, and then use the tensioner to provide just a tiny bit of friction, so the lever will barely hold when released. This way you get super smooth movements.

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