An important software update

I have tried flying the TF-51 with new quadrant and remembered I’ve been using a hat switch on the B8 stick to set up trimmers. I mostly fly helicopters, so had my B8_HAT_SWITCH_MODE set to “ATT_TRIM”, which dedicates the hat switch to making a tiny “electric” cyclic movements when force trim is enabled. Then I thought, that there’s actually no reason to block hat switch input when force trim is not active, and added a new option “BOTH”, which is now a default one. Hat switch now works as usual, until you press the force trim button. Then, pressing the hat switch moves the stick around “electrically” as in ATT_TRIM mode =) This allows you to assign hat switch to fly planes, and use it to make tiny adjustments with cyclic when cruising in helicopters at the same time.

Please update your master controller software.

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