Collective hold returned as requested

Shortly after the recent update, my friend asked me where did collection hold go. So here it is, better than before =) Please update master controller firmware if you need it.

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  1. Awesome work! Been following you and your page for a while now. I just recently started trying to piece together the collective, however, I’m having trouble trying to figure out which mods to use.

    1: Are the pieces that come with each mod replacing pieces from the original(or other mods)? Or are they all in addition to whatever I’m building.

    I ask this because I just finished printing the last piece for the original single engine collective along with the UH-1H head. However, I run VR and enjoy the immersion so I ended up getting the pneumatic actuator last night. I’m currently in the process of printing out some of the smaller pneumatic mod pieces that I know I’ll have to use regardless. During this process I’m noticing different mods, and ultimately, I’m getting confused on what exactly I should be building.

    I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I would appreciate any help.

    1. Thank you!

      Each mod replaces some of the parts and often has its own unique parts in it. Some of them are optional =)

      Parts that are replaced are named similarly to original parts, but with a different index (like 01a or 01d).

      Two parts from the original single-engine collective must be changed to use it with the pneumatic mod: the rear lid and the decorative cover. You can simply cut the hook off the decorative cover. It may be a good idea to use the latest “housing with a revision hatch” mod, but it’s not necessary.


  2. Yea, I’ve been trying to compare each print before I make it to ensure I don’t print extra parts and waste materials. It’s been one of those “build as you print” so I can print the next part I need and prevent loss. Either way, I suppose I’ll figure it out.

    Next question: Do you by chance have schematics to your designs? I’m using different switches and pots(with different resistances) in some cases and while I understand a little about electronics, I’m hesitant to test anything without verifying.

    For instance, I’m using SPDT On-Off-On switches at the top, and SPDT On-OFF switches at bottom for the Huey collective head, along with a 3.3V Pro Mini, so the wiring will be a little different. And again, I’m very hesitant to start hooking stuff up. I will admit, I’ve never actually build an project using an Arduino board, but I have a fairly decent beginner’s level understanding of electronics (ohms law, etc).

    And last question: Do you monitor any real-time messaging applications? (I.E: Discord, IRC, Mumble, etc) I’d hate to clog up your comments section with questions or idea’s. Feel free to contact me via email if you’d like to keep some information private.

    Thanks again for the help, hc625ma!

    1. I am not sure what is a 3.3v Pro Mini, but I think you can just hook it to 5v, it will clock at 8MHz instead of 16. Still, it’s much better to buy a 5v one – they are cheap as dirt, and you don’t want to mess with level switching (trust me on that!). The schematic is basically – connect all switches to the Arduino in a particular order =) On-OFF switches are fine, you will need to reconfigure the switch matrix, that’s it. Different head configuration = merging configuration file manually with each firmware upgrade, are you sure you want it?

      Sure, I’m on Discord, will write you via email and we’ll catch up! =)

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