Force trim related bug fixes and improvements

I have been flying for a while at 80% firmware sensitivity setting (increased precision mode) in Dreamfoil 407 in Xplane11 to test how the new force trim mode works along with it. These flights helped me to fix some related bugs and allowed me to fine-tune some numbers in the default config of the master controller.

I should say it’s a pure joy to fly now, even in the wind, even in ground effect (maybe the latter has something to do with the 11.30 beta).  While cruising, the ball is always centered, and only minor adjustments with cyclic are necessary (and springs won’t let you do weird movements with the stick accidentally). ATT_TRIM hat switch mode is quite useful, with it you don’t have to re-trim if you’ve missed an ideal spot by a hair, just press it a few times to adjust attitude.

The only limitation is, you have to trim pedals in their center position before landing, so you will have enough of travel available for low-speed turns. This is slightly more noticeable at 80% than when flying at 100% sensitivity setting (increased precision mode maps all of the physical sensor range to 80% of the axis).

By the way, pedals work great so far, springs don’t seem to cause any negative effects.

I have uploaded the latest software to GitHub, please update. By default, the firmware is now configured for use with a spring-loaded cyclic.

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