Important software update!

An important update to master controller sketch is here! It’s now split into multiple small files.

This approach helps to keep your preferred configuration when updating software: all user configurable settings are now stored in a separate file – a_configuration.ino, just update your old file with new parameters if needed and replace the one from the repo with it! Having multiple files instead of one huge file simplifies navigation through source code as well. All these files will open as tabs in your Arduino IDE (it will actually concatenate them in alphabetical order while compiling, that’s why file names start with letters). If you want to know more about how Arduino IDE handles multiple files stuff, please look at this page.

Let’s look at the new file structure:

  • master_controller.ino // this file contains joystick and object definitions, all external libraries should be included there
  • a_configuration.ino // all user-configurable parameters are there
  • b_main.ino // global variables definitions, main subroutines are there.
  • x_peripheral_name.ino // peripheral-specific subroutines (setup, poll, etc.)
  • z_shared_functions.ino // subroutines that are shared between peripheral-specific files are there.

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