MKIII throttle features ported to compact collective

A couple of cool features have been ported to the compact collective:

  • DCS Huey compatibility mode
  • joystick button press on throttle cutoff
  • secondary axis stabilizer – adjustable noise filter for potentiometer driven axes
  • bug with incorrect button modifiers fixed for both pedestals

I think we can safely say, that with these features added, the compact collective is now complete. Here’s how it behaves by default at the moment:

  • DCS Huey compatibility mode is turned on by default. That means, that when advancing throttle from full-right (closed) position, up to idle detent mark, keyboard button for throttle up key will be pressed (PgUp by default). After the mark, regular axis movement will be performed. To close the throttle completely (past the idle stop detent) you need to press the right push button on the compact collective head, which is set up as an IDLE REL button. This button won’t be pressing any joystick buttons when configured as IDLE REL button. If you don’t press the button before advancing the throttle past the idle stop mark, the virtual grip will stay at flight idle. You will have to move the grip back to the detent, press the IDLE REL button, and then close the throttle again.
  • joy button press on throttle cutoff is turned on by default – that means that if IDLE REL button has been pressed before closing the throttle, a joystick button (3 by default) on the collective joystick (note that, not the head, but the collective!) will be pressed when the throttle will reach full-right position. This is very useful for XPlane helicopters (like DF 407, for example).
  • secondary axis stabilizer is a very simple “digitizer” for potentiometer-driven axes. It allows for setting the minimal axis movement required to register a change in an axis. This kills the jitter completely and does not affect precision for stuff like throttles, zoom, and other secondary stuff where super precision is not really required. Can be set up on per-device basis depending on your potentiometer state =)

You can download the latest firmware from simchair4_software repo on GitHub.

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