Progress on MKIV cyclic base

This gimbal takes the best from the MKIII reinforced model and adds even more strength and precision along with some usability improvements!

The device has 3 Ethernet sockets – 2 for I2C bus connections (one for the grip and one for the base – no more cable with a plug) and one for FTCR button. The weight of a new base totals at 2,12 kg! It can be mounted to the GUNDE chair onto the same rail as before, but it needs to be reversed as shown on the picture below. The master controller will be moved to a more convenient place.

It will be released fairly soon after some testing will be done. Meanwhile, you can try it as well – MKIII assemble guide can be used as a reference until the new one will be posted. Note that you will need 18x8x6mm threaded hubs.

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