Software update

Today there’s been an important software update, master controller firmware now supports both Huey head and twin lever (corresponding peripheral files were added as well). No DCS Huey idle stop compatibility mode for twin lever yet – will add it later.

An interesting function was added that may be useful for those who prefer flying without tensioners on the collective (or just use some kind of a motion chair!) – collective hold. It works just like an adaptive force trim mode (to disengage it, one needs to press the button and return the lever to the position where the hold mode was activated with 5% deviation), except it is an independent function and is activated (by default) with a collective head thumbstick button press.


Download latest software from GitHub

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  1. It’s really a perfect project, can you help me to build the whole control system of helicopter becauseMI-8 is my favorite aircraft in the DCS and I have watched lots of your videos. I really appreciate if you could reply through my email.

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