Thoughts on a better tensioner for the collective with head support

An idea on a better tensioner for a variable load (different heads). Along with a usual tensioner, it has hooks for rubber bands. You can adjust rubber bands number until tensioner can hold it with the minimum force. I have quickly tested it on a twin collective; it seems to work. First prints show that 40MM diameter allows for a much stronger frame, and I’ve been able to fit a cable channel in it! Will finish printing the first prototype in a couple of days.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Cool. Iam still bound to my fix wing sim but as soon as I finished I will print collective and cyclic and will add a heli pit maybe bell 407 to my sim rig. Keep on going kind r3gards

    1. Glad to hear that! The 407 is great, but have you tried the DCS Huey? If not, definitely try it, because the x-plane 407 feels kinda synthetic compared to it (I still enjoy flying it, it’s just the Huey, and the Mi-8 are probably the best helicopter sim experience that is available at the moment). As for the fixed wing, you can try the DCS TF-51 for free, it’s really good!

  2. Thanks for the Hint. Iam a dcs User but for helicopter I like dcs to use with an vr headset. Unfortunately the headset are not good enough today but next generation will fit for my suits and then I will only for dcs switch to vr with an Flightsim chair. For the time being I will fit your controls to my hardware pit and try xplane helis but not for long.
    Thanks Christian

    1. I have tried flying Huey in google cardboard, kind of epic experience, the only problem was low smartphone screen resolution, couldn’t read gauges, but the feel of flying was there. Oculus Rift should be a fantastic experience compared to that, I am really looking forward to the popularisation of VR. Hopefully, we will be able to see something like Star Trek holodeck one day =) Cheers!

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