Twin trottle collective improvements

While building the twin lever, I’ve decided to change the design of the throttle 1 frame p2 part to make throttle grips tension equal. The part now has a detent in it, that can also add some rigidness to the lever. If you’re building the twin lever, definitely use the new part! All updates are already on GitHub! I will be adding a similar part for the single throttle collective shortly.

Also made some fixes to AB412 head mods and software (added support for an extra mode switch)

Here’s how the latest version of the lever looks:

The new frame connector allows for backlash-free operation and easy mounting
This AB412 head version features two rotary side pots and a mode switch
Software idle stop positions are colored in black
The lever feels quite rigid, I like it!

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  1. Built the MKIV simchair and love it. I’m trying to build a twin throttle in a configuration for the Bell 222. Can’t seem to get it to work right, was hoping you could offer some insight. The code on the pro mini works fine, but when I try to write it to the master controller, the switch I have and the first throttle work fine, but as soon as I move the second throttle, the master stops getting data, Trien 3 different pro mini’s and an UNO and 2 different Mega’s as master controllers trying to get it to work. Hoping you can help.


      1. yes, both throttles and the collective are working properly on the pro mini, the only way I could get it to work was to add a ghost analog read of A3, then everything worked fine… Go figure… Was just using the Mega to check and see if it was going receive data, not as a controller for joystick, didn’t have a spare Leonardo at the time…

        1. Hmm, that’s interesting, are you sure you have the correct number of bytes sent and read in i2c function on both sides? If you e.g. send 4 bytes but read 5 – it won’t work.

  2. Yes, sending 7 bytes, 2 for each of the 3 axis, and 1 for the mode switch. reading 7 on the Leonardo.
    At least I got it to work though.

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