UH-1 collective head release

UH-1 right seat collective head mounted on the single-engine collective lever

I have printed and assembled the Huey collective head and corrected some errors, here’s the release version. Designing scale stuff is quite hard, its often too little space to fit things into. You will have to use some cable management to build this 🙂 Switches used are 3-way KN3(B)-223A-A3 (spring-loaded),  KN3(B)-203A-A3 (toggle) and MTS-103 A-2 (toggle). The last one is mounted in place of a light bulb and acts as a mode switch. The thumbstick button is used for collective hold mode activation. This new feature is for those who would want to use this lever in a motion simulator, where a rubber band based tensioner will not work, or maybe for people who prefer flying with a very light tension on their collective.  Basically, its an independent adaptive force trim for the collective. The latest software on GitHub fully supports this head, you can use the DCS Huey compatibility mode (which allows for proper engine start and shutdown procedures) with it.

Download it here

Latest software on GitHub


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  1. Hello. I am building one of these at the moment, and have a question about the mode switch on the collective base.
    Looking at the code under hb_collective_single_thr.ino i see that if the mode is in the off position, mod is set to 0, left position mod is set to 11 and right position, mod is set to 22. I am a bit rusty in understanding how bit shift works and following the code beyond that was a bit of a mystery to me. My question is, what does the mode switch on the collective base do in the simulator?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late answer. The mode switch is a global modifier that assigns one of 3 joystick button sets to physical buttons. E.g. with mode switch centered, your collective head will be pressing buttons e.g. from 1 to 20, with mode switch in position 1 – 21 to 40, etc =) Mode switch works only for momentary buttons/switches.

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