Update on the new pedals frame: impressions

I have just finished printing an improved frame, and it worked as expected! Chamfered edges and a thickened wall in combination helped greatly to smoothen assembly process, the part is now a lot more forgiving.

Here’s how it looks now:

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    1. Thanks! =)

      Yup, definitely! I’ve been thinking about that for a while, and I think that it may be better to make separate airplane pedals with brakes, based on the redesigned MKII version.

      The problem is, in a helicopter you press pedals with toes, and in an airplane, you push them with heels, and you can press them with toes to use brakes. Adding toe brakes to these heli pedals will require putting all weight of one’s feet onto them, which may be too much load for this design =) Also, it would totally kill “helicopter” look and probably make them bulkier.

      I will also be designing a yoke at some point, but at first, I have to sort out manuals (while finishing a set for my friends), as honestly, documentation has been a mess up until recently. The good thing is I have a good phone now that really simplifies the process of adding photos of decent quality, so there’s no excuse for me evading improving them anymore =)

  1. Hello. Thanks for your answer. As a real airplane and helicopter pilot I like to add my 2ct. In most of the small airplane like a kitfox or piper cub you have pedals which look like the one in helicopters. In the big Heli like Ch 53 you have massive toe brake pedals on top of the Heli style bars. In plane which I know you push the breaks with the toe not the heels. (P51, Beech Baron, King Air, Kitfox etc) There are in my opinion two philosophies to put your feet on the pedals in Helis or planes
    1 heels on the ground ( which I prefer)
    2 heels free from ground
    In some planes you can’t choose the position because you have to put in your whole feet Me 109. (I took a sit in a real one a few times but not for flying – not only sim)

    Thanks for your project in February I will start with a collective for my rift. I am looking at this time for pedals for the rift and for my hardware sim.

    King regards and keep on going

  2. This pedals were awesome ! I flew the alouette II for quite awhile but they have skids. I flew some other types with skids but now I fly big ones with wheels.
    Regarding breaking without pushing pedals:
    You have to rotate only all or one of the toe brake pedals so that you you not move the pedals. I flew some tail draggers were you dance on the pedals during the take off to push only the breaks.

    I hope this give you an idea
    Kind regards

  3. For braking you have to change some time the feet position and put the heels from the ground. In your picture of the pedals you have to put the heel forward. I didn’t know that this kind of pedal exist. Heel up position is for me difficult because I lose sensitivity so I use parking brake If ihave to use brakes during hovering with one wheel on ground during mountain flying.

    1. Thank you for this photo, I think it’s just what we need. Just looked at how my legs are positioned on Simchair pedals, if we place a separate brake pedal on top of each AT pedal, one will just have to incline feet forward without taking them off pedals or moving them in a way that may cause sudden attitude change.

      That’s cool and easy to implement as a mod, so everyone who had already built pedals will be able to upgrade them without any problems =)

      This will be my top priority after I will finish with the current stuff, I think this mod will greatly improve fixed wing flying experience as well. Thank you for some great ideas!

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