Scenic flight in X-Plane 11 with photoreal scenery

Just a piece of unedited X-plane 11 flight video with Dreamfoil Bell 407, showing the beauty of an Ortho4XP photoreal scenery (and a very nice 407 :D). An autogen layer was generated on top of HD mesh v 4.  Camera shaking is done with X-Camera and Headshake plugins, along with the G-Force plugin. Of course, Simchair MKIII set is used for controls, you can see how it behaves in X-Plane. This video shows what X-Plane can give us that DCS can’t.

I’ve been flying from Walla Walla (KALW) to Lemhi County (KSMN) via SALMON (LKT) VOR online in VATSIM, using maps. There wasn’t any tower available at the moment, and no other aircraft in the vicinity, so I decided not to flood the Unicom channel with unnecessary messages on approach.

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