A major cleanup

Hi guys, very good news here. All the stuff is finally on GitHub! Everything is updated to the very latest version, STLs are oriented correctly, just download, print, and fly.

This repo will be the only supported place to get the stuff from now on. I will add “Downloads” section with a current snapshot of the repo to this site. All the stuff on thingiverse was reorganized and files were replaced with the corresponding links to GitHub (this way you’ll always get the latest stuff without any extra effort from me).

The simple collective was removed, as we don’t really need it anymore because both single throttle and twin throttle levers feel as good, but also support heads. Let me know if you want it back.


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  1. Hi Thank you for such a great resource. I am using both xplane11 and DCs to try and learn to fly helicopters as a retirement project. I am planning on building a collective and am looking at using your 3D files but I do not have a clue on exactly what to download in order to get it printed and delivered to UK using Shapeways.com.

    Any chance of a few directions on what I need I will be flying the Huey in DCS and anything that is in Xplane 11. I realise you must be busy so no worries if you cannot help out.



    1. Hello Stephen! Glad you like it!

      For the single-throttle collective, you will need all the files from here:

      If you will have troubles finding the 6x6x4mm magnet, you can try this mod for a 5x5x5 one (haven’t tried it myself yet, but a guy from thingiverse said it worked for him with no issues):

      For the Huey-style collective switch panel:

      You will also need to print an enclosure for the master controller (which is Arduino Leonardo):

      Everything is designed to be mounted to a 10x20mm aluminum pipe, alternatively, it can be mounted to pretty much anything with holes for two 8mm bolts in it.

      You will also need some electronics (Arduino boards, SS495A Hall effect sensor, a rotary potentiometer, a 6x6x4mm magnet, some switches for the head etc). Nothing really hard here, let me know if you need help with it.

      I just looked at prices at shapeways.com, and I can say you probably do not want to use it. It will be a lot cheaper for you to order stuff from me (if you’re not in a hurry, I’m currently in the process of building two complete sets for my Australian friends, will be busy at least for a couple of weeks). Alternatively, you can look for some local 3d printing shop and ask them for their prices, or you can even build your own printer, it will still be cheaper than what I’ve seen at Shapeways. Let me know if you’re interested, I can supply plastic parts, a DIY kit or a complete lever, depending on what you want.

      If you don’t have a decent cyclic (the one with a long stick), I would also recommend looking at Simchair MKIII one =) It has quite a different feel from a short-stick joystick. It also has some quite nice features like built-in (software – gimbal has no springs in it for maximal precision) force trim support and linear sensitivity setting switching. The cool thing about all the stuff being open source is that it is also very configurable.



      1. Alex thanks for the in depth response, I would like to take you up on your offer of either providing plastic parts, a DIY kit or a complete lever (depending on cost) could you give me a ball park for each one. My plan initially is to get some panels done using SimVim and arduino. Thanks again for creating such a useful resource.

        Look forward to hearing from you in due course


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