Pedals frame adjusted for easier and faster print

I have made some changes to the pedals frame, it prints perfectly now. Press-fitting the 10x20x300mm aluminum pipe into the frame haven’t been easy at all before this update, I have broken one frame trying to do it. After that, I decided to make some changes to the model so it would be easier to fit the pipe through the rectangular aperture. After some thinking, I decided the best thing would be to incline the aperture to a 40-degree angle. And it worked perfectly! I’ve been able to press-fit the pipe without any problems and it was fixed stiff enough. Also, I have been able to test (finally!) if electronics housing lid screw sockets are of the right depth, and they are.  Fifty-millimeter lid screws fit perfectly.

Another cool thing is I have removed some excess plastic to make the frame lighter (it consumes enough plastic already!) and faster to print while reducing a chance of warping of a few first layers. It does not affect the frame strength and rigidness in any way.

Along with the latest sensor mounts upgrades, these little changes make pedals perfect in flight and easy to assemble.


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