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  1. Hello! I am about to build the single engine collective and I have many questions… I’m writing here because I can’t find any contact form. How can I get in touch with you? Regards Peter

  2. Hello Alex!

    Thank you for your message and for your comment on my make of the IC2 box. I am sure I will have lots of questions, but maybe you should enjoy your vacation instead of writing stuff to some weird stranger on the internet… 🙂

    I will ask questions on the corresponding pages as to make no mess.

  3. I also watched your build video but while it is helpful in some parts, many things remain unanswered. OK, I found out that I can not comment on the respective pages, so here goes. I will ask questions as my build progresses, and I will quote the relevant passages from the “simple collective” and the “twin collective assembly manual”:

    1) “Start with press-fitting an SS495A sensor into its socket.” – The sensor has a broad side and a narrow side. The sensor is placed horizontally, with the broad side facing downwards. Is that correct?

    2) “Solder its wires and bend the legs, fix everything with drops of super glue.” – How long should the wires be – 10-15 cm?

    3) According to this datasheet ( https://goo.gl/Vqv5MM ), when the broad side is facing downwards then the wires from RIGHT to LEFT should be: ground, -, +. Is that correct?

    4) “Then, insert the lever connector into its frame and press-fit 608zz bearings. Insert M3 screws and put nuts onto it to fix bearings in place.” – So on the video you use ONLY ONE M3x45 screw which you put through both bearings, but no nuts? Then you use 2 M3x40 screws to strengthen the construction, but again no nuts?

    5) “Put the magnet into its socket.” – Which socket? Is this the “magnet holder” part? But where does the magnet holder go? It is never mentioned, and on the video it suddenly is on the side of the SS495A… The magnet holder is also an exccentric part, and I need to know how to orient it.

    Sorry for the stupid questions but this is as far as I got…. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thanks for your help so far! I am looking forward to continue.

    1. Great questions! I will add page comments today)
      1) Yup, narrow side towards the magnet (flat side downwards)
      2) for ss495a, yes. Other wires should be longer as they’ll go through the lever. A good idea is to put printed parts on the table to get a rough estimate of needed wire lenghts.
      3) When the broad side is facing down, legs are towards us, from right to left: signal, GND, VCC(5v), or vcc,gnd,signal from left to right)
      4) It will be easier to see with parts at hand. You will need 2 screws to fix bearings in their sockets (do not overtighten!), and 2 short (20mm) screws to insert into the lever connector from both sides
      5) magnet holder goes to the side of the lever connector, where an ss495a socket is on the frame. You fix it (do not overtighten) with one of strenghtening screws you insert to the lever connector. The idea is, it can rotate for mechanical calibration of the lever. You adjust screw until you can rotate it with a slight force, so it wont rotate on its own. Then you insert a magnet, it should hold itself against the screw head. Orientation of the magnet holder: cut side towads the sensor, holder handle towards enclosure bottom lid (you turn it by holding this handle with pliers during calibration), choose default rotation angle so that when the lever is roughly in the middle of its travel, the magnet is above the middle of a sensor.

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