AB412 style collective head support added to MKIV software

The first MKIV variant of this head is a generalized device – it has 8 spring-loaded switches in it. This means, with the mode switch, we can use 3 sets of 19 joystick buttons each!

The head itself was updated to MKIV standards – it features 2 Ethernet sockets and an MCU RST button for easier flashing. The former mode switch on the side of the head no longer works as one (we have it on the base now!) but is left in place for generic purposes (e.g. gear, floats, etc, why not!). The 2-pot version is now a default one. Expect an updated manual soon!

Joy button presses on middle positions of the switch and non-spring-loaded switches support are not yet implemented, will be adding those a bit later.

Do you guys use MKIII switch modes and non-spring-loaded switches in your heads, or do you prefer a more generic approach of having a lot of joystick buttons instead? Please let me know in comments =)

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