Stackable throttle quadrant MKIV

Here’s the MKIV stackable quadrant, the helicopter edition!

If you fly twin-engine stuff like MI-8, BK-117, etc – and also want to be able to fly warbirds sometimes – you’ll like the new quadrant!

The current, helicopter themed, version supports 2 axes with detents (for things like WEP and reverse in planes, implemented as button presses, because why not) – but you can stack as many of axis modules as you want. The default “GA” version that will soon be available will include 3 axes and trimmers.

This version is much more thought out than the MKIII one – so the latter will be outdated with its release. Each lever is equipped with a spring-loaded pull handle that allows movement past tactile detents on both ends of each axis and provides friction at the same time. Lever caps are fixed with screws – so you can change them to whatever design you like.

The first helicopter-themed version will come with spherical caps and no trimmers. I have just added support for it to the software.

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  1. Any progress on the GA version of quadrant with more axes. I am very interested in any GA models you might come up with in the future (i.e., yoke, quadrant, pedals with toe brakes, etc.) Wondering how software might change to include trim for quadrant?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply!

      Not yet. I am thinking about adding toe brakes and upgrading pedals next (I like how simple they are at the moment, will likely just make them stronger and use new MKIV steel cylinder axes to reduce mechanical jitter (even if it’s next to none atm). For more axes, changing software is very easy, just need to copy-paste a few lines and change the number of bytes sent and read both on master and peripheral sides, for trim it depends on how the sim sees trimmers (likely as buttons). Likely the best option will be to use incremental encoders, not a big deal, but will require some testing. You can look at how to work with them in VrMax pedestal firmware!

      Please join the DIY discord channel.


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