Bell 206 collective head is here!

I am happy to show you yet another Simchair MKIV device – the Bell 206 style collective head. Its made from photos with measurements, so it should be almost exact 1:1 scale.

To make GOV RPM switch look scale, I’ve made a special adaptor for MTS-123 E1 switch. Another option is to use a regular 12mm spring-loaded SPDT switch for GOV RPM control. Small parts need to be printed at the highest possible quality and have built-in supports.

I will also be releasing a scale 206-style version of throttle frame part 1 with 104 degrees throttle grip travel range, as per information from an IRL 206 pilot.

This head is best to be used with MKIV collective with a physical throttle latch. Will release firmware for it in a few days =) You can find it in simchair4_models repo on GitHub.

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