Bell 206 collective head release

The final version of Bell 206 style collective head is now available for download, along with a special version of the lever body with a 104-degree throttle turn range! I have also added its assembly manual to the wiki and updated the firmware to support the new head =)

This one looks really good, and, although simple, has everything one needs to fly helicopters – as its starter button and GOV RPM switch support MKIV collective mode switch functionality.

If you want something scale-looking, this one is definitely an eye-catcher.

If you’re using MKIV software, please update – this version has some important fixes related to throttle operation in ALL of MKIV collective levers and related advanced functions:

  • throttle stabilizer works properly now for all collective levers
  • button press on throttle cutoff and DCS Huey compat mode now work correctly with inverted throttle axes

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  1. Interesting, i’m trying something similar with text in 3D print for home sim. Are you using a white filament layer or is that color you apply by hand after the print to make the text stand out?

    1. Hi! The process looks like that: at first, I print stuff in black with letters cut in the surface, then fill them with the white corrector pen, and then paint the letters over with a black permanent marker =) I tried a lot of different ways, this one is definitely the easiest!

  2. Hello, the 206 collective is very good. I would like to be able to download it, but I already looked for it in the files and I can’t find it, the truth is, I’m not very good with the pc as your talent. regards

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