New hardware and an important software update

It’s been a while since my last post, mainly because I have been working on the project wiki, which is now filled with documentation! Some stuff was just copied from MKIII manuals, but a lot more has been written from scratch. I am happy to say that we are nearing the point where each of the released components will have a detailed building manual.

New hardware piece is coming soon – the MKIV simple collective.

It’s an awesome thing in its own way – beautiful in its minimalism, inexpensive, compact device that still supports all MKIV features, sporting 2 physical buttons and a momentary switch, which are extended to a total of 12 buttons when used with MKIV base mode switch. It supports advanced throttle features (software idle-stop detent) and can be operated with or without the pneumatic mod. It’s also very portable and can be used with motion platforms. You can also fit MKIV base extensions (pedestals at the moment) onto this lever, enabling you to control switches and knobs in your virtual cockpit with your left hand, which is especially useful in VR!

This is a perfect device for helicopter enthusiasts that have limited space in their sim pit or want an inexpensive but feature-rich device.

The latest software update contains the following changes:

  • MKIV simple collective support added
  • fixed a bug in tactile detent mark handler function, that was affecting all collective levers; If your lever does not press joy button 3 after you have pressed the IDLE REL button and closed the throttle, or advanced functions do not work – install this update.
  • cyclic/pedals filtering is now disabled by default; It really doesn’t affect anything but input lag. The hardware is definitely precise enough to fly without filtering.
  • a few other less significant special throttle functions related bugs fixed.

Stay tuned!

3 Replies to “New hardware and an important software update”

  1. hello alexey, i am trying to get a combination of your amazing mkiii and mkiv hardware and software going for the first time.

    i built the mkiv cyclic base and cyclic stick (nice!) ; and the mkiii pedals, ab412 head, b8 grip, master controller, single throttle collective.

    i’m still wiring the ab412 head.

    i programmed the master controller with software found in the mkiv repository. in testing the cyclic and pedals seems to work. but maybe not the b8 grip. not sure how to test all of the b8 functionality but for sure the force trim button doesn’t work. do i have to reflash the b8 grip’s pro mini? if so, i guess i have to disassemble it and reflash it with what code at this point?

    and what about the arduinos in the ab412 head and collective base? will i need to reflash those too?

    you could email me at i’m not sure the best way to communicate with you.

    so many thanks

    1. Hi Mike! Yup, you have to use the software from the peripherals folder to flash the grip. If you have an FTDI232 USB-UART board and wired the socket of the grip in an MKIV way (with Rx, Tx and DTR pins connected to wires 5,6,7 of the grip plug) you can flash it without disassembling the grip =) Cyclic and pedals do not require flashing, all other hardware needs to be flashed with the corresponding software from peripherals dir:


      For that, you need a USB-UART board (e.g. FTDI232)

      You are welcome to join our DIY discord channel =)


  2. Thanks. I’ll open my grip and re-flash; and wire it “the mkiv way” for external programming via the plug for the future.

    I joined Discord. Thanks for that. There I am barlow.


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