Changes to cyclic gimbal

As I’ve been writing earlier, I am now building two complete sets for my friends. Time to hone things to perfection! First thing I decided to build is the cyclic gimbal. I have printed it and noticed that X and Y frames nut sockets are too tight, a lot of effort was needed to press fit nuts into them. Another problem was the gimbal mount (the one on the bottom lid of the enclosure). It was too tight, so I’ve spent around half of an hour widening it. This is not how it should be, so I finally decided to redesign the thing. It consists of two parts, connected by M8 bolts now. I think this mount will allow for more flexibility (especially for those who don’t use IKEA GUNDE chairs). Here’s how it looks now:


The lid with an old mount will still be available as a mod.

Take a look at the next post for a download link!

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a good cyclic gimbal design. I am planning to make my own Helicopter Chair with controls out of Fiber glass. I need a simple Cyclic Gimbal design. I need a smooth and sensitive feel for cyclic. Please may i ask if you can send me the plans. My cyclic will be the G shape design like as MD 500E & bell 206 jetranger. Kind Regards

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