Important reinforced gimbal update!

I have tested redesigned parts of the gimbal and stick frame, and a few annoying issues I’ve been talking about in the previous post are now solved. Here’s the list of changes:

  1. Tolerances of stick connector parts 3 and 4 were adjusted. If your gimbal is mounted under the chair, please print and replace them. This is important as old parts allowed for the stick to wobble.
  2. Removed an unneeded connector nut from the stick connector bolt. This “decorative” nut was interfering with tightening things.
  3. Thread locker is now recommended for use when assembling the gimbal. Manual has been updated accordingly.
  4. Adjustable stick tensioners are now the default option. Old simpler tensioner model is moved to the mods section. I see no point in using them, new ones are way better.
  5. Ergonomic IKEA GUNDE compatible stick frame was redesigned to be stronger, tolerances have been corrected to prevent possible wobble between parts. A second M8x200mm bolt was added to prevent turning of parts under load.
  6. Software: fixed an error with stick center position being set incorrectly in extreme precision mode. Please update master controller firmware if you use springs with this gimbal.
  7. Fixed some errors in file names.
  8. Stick assembly process description with photos was added to the gimbal assembly manual.

All changes have been pushed to GitHub repos, please update. I will be updating the manual with photos, reflecting changes to the assembly process, shortly.

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