MKIV collective base is released!

I am glad to announce the completion of the 1st manual of Simchair MKIV line. The new line of hardware will take a Linux-like approach – we will have separate compatible modules that can be connected together to form a lever of choice.

The new base is epic, so from now on, the MKIII one is obsolete =) It is fully compatible with all MKIII lever bodies, and you can safely use it with those if you’re building the lever right now.

The first lever body to be released will be the compact collective – a motion-platform ready compact solution with integrated head. An interesting thing about it is that it supports the pneumatic mod, but does not require it! Also, it doesn’t need the counterweight, and that’s important with all lateral loads and shake that can be present when using the lever with motion platforms.

STL’s and sources can be downloaded from the new simchair4_models repo.

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  1. Thank you very much for this new model. Reviewing the material list I find the M6x18x8mm hubs hard to find in Internet. Could you provide a link to a shop to buy those items (Aliexpress or similar)? The closest that I’ve found are M6x20mm threaded sleeves, with al outer diameter of 10mm.

    1. You are welcome!

      Hmm, these may indeed be fairly hard to find, will look into it, as an option- I can buy some for you locally, along with correct magnets and springs for cyclic if you need them, and ship to you =)

  2. Thanks but I’d prefer a solution suitable for the rest of people all around the world. A part easily sourced from Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon and similar online shops would be a much better solution.

    1. Pavel, while you are absolutely right, sourcing this part from aliexpress won’t buy me a coffee, and I need it as I try to draw a new part at 1 AM after I got home from my day job =) I need some way to cover my expenses. No orders/donations = no money to buy plastic and components to make and test new designs, sadly it’s the way it works. This project takes all of my spare time, so in my humble opinion it’s quite fair to want something in return =) I hope you understand.

      There are similar parts on aliexpress, however, they are mostly for M4 bolts and I am not sure how they fit bearings, but I think those should actually work just fine. You can also print a plastic part, reinforced with a bolt, or just use an M8 bolt as an axis, all these options should give you results close to what I can achieve with parts I use =) Also you may have better luck googling it as a furniture sleeve.

  3. Hmm I really like this idea of the printed part. Might try doing something to feedback to this project. I think it’s also time I donated =D. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Thanks, bro!

      Yup, I think a printed part with a, say, 3 or 4mm screw should work just right – MKIII had no issues with its axes =) Will try making one.

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