New “scale” Bell-412 collective head cover

I continued experimenting with white paint marker and acetone and made a “scale” version of a top panel for a 412-style head requested by a friend. In my humble opinion, it looks great, white paint adds some “aging”, and it looks more like it was taken off from a real helicopter. It differs from the original slightly, but has a disctinctly recognizable look overall!

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  1. Hello I also made a friction lock a like part for the Huey collective which is suited to fit for the mechanical idle stop switch.
    I like to share it.

  2. Hello I loaded it up with two pictures.
    I added the wihte paint with an 0.8 eding.

    regards Christian

    1. Wow looks great!

      Do you have a GitHub account? I will gladly grant you write access to the repo! Will add these files to the repo meanwhile. Can you upload source files as well?

      Thanks, these things really look epic!

      1. No I haven’t a GitHub account but I can upload the 3dfiles as well. Maybe it takes till weekend. I like to support when ever I made something for your stuff. But now I tried to get the electronic functionality in the collective. Thanks for the feed back and you can do what you want with the files.

        1. Thanks again mate!

          Please upload sources as well (someone may want to modify it to suit his needs!)

          What do you mean by electronic functionality? How did it go?

  3. I loaded my autodesk 123D file up. So you can use it. Thanks again and what for a big progress in the sofware development by you. Keep up the good work.
    by the way my pin of the mechanical idle stop broke after using it 20 times. I printed it with 10% infill. I will print him again with 100%.

    kind regrads

  4. Thanks, Christian!

    10% is really not enough, I use 40%, 3 perimeters on sides, top and bottom, and slightly increased temperature. But the part may be a bit “delicate” indeed =)

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