Pseudo force trim added

Along with “FORCE_TRIM” sensitivity switch mode, I decided to add an actual force trim feature. There are two modes available: INSTANT and ADAPTIVE. The first one will disable the trim when you press the button, and the stick will turn to where you hold it. It will often result in a weird maneuver, as it’s hard enough to put a stick in an exact same place where it was when you trimmed it. That’s why an adaptive mode is there! When you press the button, the stick freezes, and will only move again after you press the button, AND the stick will be within the given range of deviation from the trimmed position! You can give the range in percent; I think a value of 5 or 10 is a good point to start. Note that you have to press the button once and then move the stick to a trimmed position, it will move as soon as it reaches a given deviation range.

If you ever get into trouble, SENS_SWITCH_TRIM_EMERGENCY_RELEASE is there to help. With it enabled, just press the SENS_SWITCH button to instantly release the trim regardless of cyclic position.

I advise you to use SENS_SWITCH_MODE  TOGGLE along with the ADAPTIVE trim setting; this is a default setting. Note that though this is not the exact way trim works in a real heli, it is probably the best thing we can come up with for a non-FFB stick.  I have tried it in a short flight and was fairly satisfied with how it works.

Please share your thoughts on how force trim should be done on a non-FFB stick!

Download an updated .ino file from GitHub.

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