Some news on latest updates

It’s been a while since the last post, for some reason I thought there was nothing big enough to write about. For the last few weeks, I was mainly busy with fixing minor bugs (like strengthening the throttle latch pin of the physical throttle latch mod), testing and applying improvements to the firmware code kindly offered by Pavel Fueyor (this process is sadly going really slow, and that’s a shame!), and then Connor noticed that there was a bug in the single collective, the M4x80MM screw was too short to reach the nut, pressed into the throttle frame p1. I have at first changed it in the manual and went shopping to buy an M4x100mm screw. Sadly, it turned out to be quite hard to find. That’s why I decided to implement some design changes, which I will release after some testing in a couple of days.

The bug is not super critical, as I have been using my copy of the lever for more than a year now without any issues, (that means, no need in fixing it in existing levers!) but it definitely has to be addressed, so if you’re building the lever right now, might be a good idea to wait for these changes to be applied. Models affected are throttle frame parts 1 and 2, so other stuff will remain untouched.

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