An important master controller software bug fix for pedals and some news

Sadly, the more one works on creating and polishing controls, the less time it leaves for actually flying with them. Sometimes I only fly to test another thing I’ve just made and then proceed with other pressing matters at hand. Sometimes when I implement something cool I break something else 😀

I’ve just noticed and fixed an important pedals related bug in force trim – trim position hasn’t been resetting on FTCR button press. Please update the master controller firmware!

For those of you guys who’s interested in creating their own custom cyclic grips with more than 2 hat switches, please look at an example in “dev” folder. Note that with that particular example I chose to use the built-in Arduino read function, though it’s slower than reading registers directly, for the code to look cleaner – as hat pins happen to be connected to different registers.

Those files are in a separate folder because we’re at the limit of what Arduino Leonardo can do. I will be thinking of the best way to resolve it without losing compatibility with current devices.

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