A year of Simchair MKIII

Today it’s been a year since I started this site =)

Because of your continued support and interest, I’ve been able to develop some cool new devices like the VRMax head, and improve existing ones to the point where they are really enjoyable!

Software-wise, we’ve started from the very basic non-i2c firmware and analog controller, and now have some pretty advanced stuff going on under the hood. Actually, we may be quite close to Simchair IV!

Here are some thoughts on what may be happening in the near future:

  • reinforced cyclic gimbal v2 – even better precision, improved stick mount, pneumatics support
  • reinforced collective hinge – with the cyclic gimbal v2 design elements adopted
  • return of the simple collective – for those of you guys who just need a compact and simple, yet good and reliable lever. Will be great for the Rotorway in FFS and Robinsons
  • pedals v2 – stronger frame, pneumatics support, toe brakes mod
  • Bell 206 style collective head
  • donation shop – you will be able to order magnets, springs, buttons, etc from me for a smooth building experience
  • guidelines page – it will help to choose from the variety of mods to create your perfect set of controls
  • simchair_models repo cleanup – I will be merging mods that I use for every lever I make with default models
  • controller upgrade – that will mark the beginning of Simchair IV

Huge thanks to everyone who supported the project, or built Simchair controls by theirselves =) Together, we make helicopter simulation better and accessible to everyone!

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