Huey-style collective mount for IKEA GUNDE chair

For those of you guys who use IKEA GUNDE chair, fly Hueys, or 412, or whatever else has its collective mounted at an angle, here’s a nice lever mount that should place the Simchair one in a way that’s pretty similar to the real thing:

No changes to the lever itself required, just flip the counterweight box to the other side of the lever and move it slightly further down the rail.

As always, you can download files from the repo.


3 Replies to “Huey-style collective mount for IKEA GUNDE chair”

  1. Hello,

    After some time I give the collective a new try still fighting with electronics but it seems to work this time. But I have a question regarding the switches in the Huey head. Why do you use for on off on switches for the SL + Ldg light switches?


    1. Hi Christian! Glad it finally worked for you! Just to make it more universal. The Huey head only has so many buttons, so I used any possibility to add more =) You can always make a 2-way switch out of a 3-way, but not another way. You can use on-off ones, will probably have to adjust the configuration matrix a bit.

  2. Is it possible to get an option for an poti for the collective lever arm? The problems with the electric is still there. So I will try next week to get it runing. If it’s not going well I have to change the electric for a bodnar Board. But this time I will try to use a poti instead of the hall sensor. Thank you very much for your great work.

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