Important updates for reinforced gimbal

Some really cool and important upgrades for the reinforced gimbal here!  Here’s the list:

  • Ethernet socket is moved to allow for gimbal rings assemble extraction without the need for removing it
  • Y-axis magnet holder review/ adjustment hatch allows for easy adjustment should the need occur. It also allows for adjusting wires after everything is assembled.
  • FTCR (Force Trim Center Reset) button was added. It allows redefining the recorded center position (it is recorded on controller startup). The button has its own housing and is connected to the rear of the gimbal through a separate  Ethernet socket.
  • the most important upgrade: spring holder support ring! If you have built this thing by yourself, print and install it! This thing improves force trim operation and increases precision! It turned out that spring holders can rotate under load, thus moving the physical center position from its recorded (on controller startup) spot. Basically, this makes force trim operation unreliable. The support ring fixes the issue completely.

All changes (hardware and software) are pushed to repositories. The button uses 2 last pins of an Ethernet socket (white-brown and brown). The socket connects to 5v and A2 pin of an ADS1115 board inside of the gimbal.

You can now redefine the stick physical center (the spot where the stick is returned by springs) at any moment. Make sure the controls (cyclic and pedals) are absolutely still when doing this. This is useful in case you have pushed the stick to its boundaries, or just detached/reattached the stick, or changed its physical configuration (adjusted its lengths) without disconnecting the controller from USB.

Here are some pics:

And a video, that shows it in action!

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  1. Just so you know the tutorial parts list doesn’t have “4x M8x50mm” on it for the spring holders!

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